Sommeil Recherche

Sleep Research

This website has been set up at a time when on the internet hardly any information about sleep was available in French or German but there were already many English speaking websites mainly from university sleep labs. Therefore, it was not as useful to bring more general information in English as in French and German. Moreover it was my French and German speaking family and friends who suggested to make thrilling information about sleep available online.


You can find interesting information and the newest research results in English for instance on the following websites :

National Sleep foundation

Journal of Sleep Research

Sleep (Journal)

European Sleep Research Society

Chronobiology and Sleep Research Groups of the University of Zürich

Centre for Chronobiology at the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel

Cyclotron Research Center at the University of Liège

UR2NF / Neuropsychology and Functional Imaging Research Group at the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Alternatively, you can check the French and / or German version of this website.